Why Despacito song deleted From You Tube

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So, guys, there is a big news surrounding in the air since 10th April, it is about despacito video removal. Yes, folks, the famous Luis Fonsi’s record-breaking Spanish song Despacito has been deleted from You Tube by a group of hackers.

Recently, Vevo music channel has been allegedly reported to be hacked by a group of hackers. The famous song which hit over record-breaking 5 billion views in history has been deleted. Moreover, many creators’ videos who were in contract with Vevo are now in vulnerable situation after this dispute. There has been no announcement from hackers for any intended purpose. However, one of the hackers tweeted that he did it just for fun. The hackers displayed themselves with the names Prosox and Kuroi’sh and wrote “Free Palestine” underneath the video.

One of the hacker also tweeted that, “A new target has been selected and they be were: @jakepaul @LoganPaul”. Blimey! They are warning the targets in advance. Isn’t it a sheer challenge or threat to the digital world?

It is reported that several other videos are also affected which includes the artists like Drake, Shakira, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

Luis Fonsi’s Despacito went on air in January 2017 and became viral. It was the most watched song which broke several records including PSY Gangnam Style. The song remained top listed for consecutive 16 weeks after accumulating 4.6 billion plays. The Spanish version of despacito was later followed by a remix featuring Justin Bieber and it also made a huge a success.

A spokesperson from Vevo has confirmed that a number of videos were subject to a security breach. The team is trying to restore all the affected videos and is investigating the source of the breach.

There is some confusion among people that it seems like YouTube has been hacked. Let me clear you that, hackers didn’t hack You Tube. They just hacked Vevo account. Vevo is a video hosting platform where many famous singers create their accounts. Vevo hosts videos from Sony Music Entertainment and Univeral Music Group broadcasted on You Tube.

The investigations are being made to locate the hackers. However, it posed a serious threat to cyber security officials to protect users’ data. These criminal acts landed the users in a vulnerable position. Let’s see what will be the result of these investigations. Stay tuned for more important updates.

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