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It is witnessed that video poker machines are now very common in every casino out there. But the time I came across I was totally excited to play the games which fascinated me since long. The game is quite simple, and easy to understand. This is one of the reason why I started playing it and then somewhat got addicted to it. All my free time was dedicated to the video poker game making things quite fascinating for me.

My whole family always tried to have this one game played which could bring everyone closer and create the sense of fun washing away the stress. I remember I never participated in such activities whole heartedly but now when I’m away from home due to my job, I feel that this game  keeps me entertained throughout the day.

While playing the game either on my laptop or my cell phone I feel the magic being created by the wonderful animation which is one of the reasons to opt for it. I think the videos are the most fun and a natural way to get information and move further on with the game.

The latest advices, information, news and much more have been helping me to learn the game before I sweep everyone out of the play and clean the table. It is one of my lifelong loves as the exposure to the video poker has made me learn a lot about the game and how to entertain myself.

At times I felt that I was bitten by the poker bug as this game kept on calling me towards it in making huge advances and natural affinity for everything which is connected with the game. I wanted to play for the royal flush for the highest payout. I even came across joker poker; double double bonus poker, and few other varieties which are not on my mind.

There were time I lost a lot of money on it but I earned hell lot from the online casino which gave me an idea to bring the best possible play and a chance to earn.

I would recommend all the video poker lovers out there to try out the Bitcoin Rush by just keeping in mind that you are of legal age. The website is a wonder to explore and make the most out of it as well. The site teaches you the basics and few variations along with valuable tips to start playing the game of your choice.

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